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In addition to being the Hertford and North London areas’ go-to for all things boiler and central heating related, Boilerman Herts provides a wide range of plumbing services. We pride ourselves on our versatility, and have 30 years’ experience within the trade.

A Wide Range of Plumbing Services

Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing – Boilerman Herts can handle any and all aspects of bathroom and kitchen plumbing. It may be that you’re having a new bathroom or kitchen installed in your Hertford or North London home, and need experienced plumbers to fit pipes and connect fixtures to your central heating system. Or it could be that you’re sick of antiquated piping causing you problems, and want to replace problematic elements with new, modern products.  Whatever aspect of plumbing you require, give us a call today.


Power Flushing – This is a cleaning process that can completely rid your boiler and central heating system of built up sludge, debris and rust, which clog up a system and can severely affect its performance. Not only does power flushing improve the efficiency of a boiler / central heating system, but it can prevent it from suffering a total breakdown due to a significant blockage.


If you invest in an annual boiler service for your Hertford or North London property, it’s unlikely you’ll require power flushing very often (every few years, depending on the performance of your system). But if it’s been a long time since you’ve invested in a boiler service, or if you’ve noticed one of the following signs, it may be time to call in our Gas Safe registered plumbers:

  • Your radiators have cold areas
  • Noisy boiler/central heating system
  • Heating is slow to work when turned on
  • Tap water is cloudy
  • Some radiators not working at all
  • Minor radiator leaks
  • Radiators are noisy
  • Boiler shuts itself off regularly
  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators

Power flushing is an affordable service that offers our Hertford and North London clients a number of benefits. It involves the use of a powerful pump that circulates a chemical formula through your central heating system, breaking down and clearing out contaminants. After we’re done, you’ll notice that your radiators get hotter and heat up quicker, that your central heating system / gas boiler is quieter, water temperatures are higher, and that the system is both more reliable and efficient (saving you on energy bills).


Plumbing Repairs – We operate a 24/7 emergency line just in case our customers around Hertford and North London suffer from a burst pipe at an inopportune hour. We’ll rush to your property to fix the issue, and minimise any potential water damage. Our team can also deal with more minor issues, like blocked sinks, leaking pipes, dripping taps and blocked toilets.

Bathroom Design & Fitting Service

Think your bathroom could do with an update? Boilerman Herts can help you design a stylish, value-adding new bathroom for your home or commercial property, whether you live in Hertford or the nearby North London area. We can then install all the fixtures you choose to include, like showers, sinks and radiators, and link them to your water supply and central heating system.

A Reliable Drainage Service

Suffering from a blocked drain in the Hertford or North London area? Give us a call. We can use powerful equipment which will pump water at high pressures throughout your system, dislodging any blockages or build ups that may have accumulated over the years, leading to your current situation.

To discuss our services as a locally-trusted emergency plumber in Hertford and North London, call 01992 504 731.

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