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Boilerman Herts Ltd undertakes a broad range of plumbing and heating work to meet your needs. Alongside our main services, we offer various additional services that ensure you get the most from your home. As qualified plumbers and Gas Safe engineers, we provide reliable, efficient and suitable services for the best results. Whether you require bathroom design or drainage solutions in Hertford, Harlow or North London, we have the ideal solution.

With over 35 years of combined experience, we deliver professional results on every job we undertake. Furthermore, at Boilerman Herts Ltd, we have a commitment to our customers, making sure you get the exact services you need for a comfortable, functional and safe home.

The following are some popular services our plumbers and Gas Safe engineers carry out for domestic customers. For more information about any of our services, please contact us today.

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Bathroom Design & Fitting

Your bathroom is a vital part of your home, so it’s important it meets your needs. As well as being functional, your bathroom should be a relaxing environment. To achieve this requires thoughtful bathroom design and professional installation.

Boilerman Herts Ltd offers a full bathroom design and fitting service to ensure your space perfectly suits your requirements and taste. Whether your current bathroom is outdated or poorly designed, or you just want a change, our plumbers have the solution.

Working with you, we design a stylish bathroom that adds value to your home in Hertford, Harlow or the surrounding areas. We then supply and install high-quality fixtures and fittings that will last. This includes showers, sinks, baths, toilets and all other bathroom elements, which our skilled plumbers connect to the water supply.

Furthermore, because we are Gas Safe engineers, we also supply and fit radiators along with any other aspect of central heating. We ensure a safe and reliable connection to the heating system, so your new bathroom always has plenty of warmth and hot water.

We also undertake broader plumbing and heating services for your whole property. From replacing pipework to installing new boilers, Boilerman Herts Ltd delivers every service you need.


Proper drainage is another essential aspect of functional homes. As well as having connections to fresh water, your property must have a way to safely remove waste water. This includes the used water from toilets, sinks, showers, baths, dishwashers and washing machines.

Drainage must meet Building Regulations. For example, pipes need to be a certain size to minimise the risk of blockages and to allow air movement. With so many years of experience, our plumbers adhere to all regulations and controls when providing drainage services in the Hertford, Harlow and North London areas.

Boilerman Herts Ltd undertakes cleaning, unblocking and repairs for drainage systems using specialist equipment. This ensures minimal disruption and the most reliable solutions.

Get in touch with our plumbers and Gas Safe engineers today on 01992 504731 for customer-focused plumbing and heating services in Hertford and Harlow.