We Can Fix Your Boiler in North London

On this page, we’ve talked about five of the different gas boiler problems that our Gas Safe registered professionals are called into fix around Hertfordshire and North London. If you’re suffering from any central heating or boiler issue in the aforementioned areas, or you’re looking to ensure that yours won’t by investing in an annual boiler service, don’t hesitate to call Boilerman Herts on 01992 504 731.

5 Common Boiler & Central Heating Problems

No Heat or Hot Water – There are a number of reasons why a gas boiler / central heating system might have stopped giving you hot water. Firstly, it could be suffering from faulty airlocks or diaphragms. Secondly, it could be a thermostat issue or the water level being too low. A Gas Safe Boilerman Herts engineer will be able to run precise diagnostics in no time at all, and recommend a fix. It may be that you need a part in the boiler or central heating system replaced. If this is the case and we don’t have the part with us, we’ll source it and re attend your North London property at your earliest convenience.


Leaking and Dripping from Boiler – A leaking gas boiler is usually down to a compromised component, usually the pump seal or pressure valve. If you spot a leak, call in a Gas Safe engineer as a matter of urgency. It may simply be that the pressure within your central heating system is too high, which we often identify and put right during the course of a boiler service for a North London client. If the pump is the issue though, we may need to replace the part. Another common cause for a leaking boiler is corroded/worn pipes.


Strange Noises – Haring a banging, gurgling or high pitched whistling noise emerging from your gas boiler or elsewhere in your central heating system? This could signal that your pump is about to fail, or that your water pressure is short of the mark. Alternatively, it could signal kettling. We urge North London home and company owners not to panic if they notice an audible anomaly within their system, it may be a simple boiler service that serves as a fix; we’ll quickly run fault finding and explain to you our findings.


Extinguished Pilot Light – This issue is usually down to a broken thermocouple, a build-up of contaminants around the pilot light or a draught making direct contact with it. Many North London clients will be comfortable reigniting their gas boiler’s pilot light themselves. However, we’d recommend you first check that your gas supply is otherwise in working order before attempting to do so. If you notice other gas appliances aren’t working, for example, call in one of our Gas Safe central heating experts to investigate the issue.


Loss of Pressure – Your gas boiler will likely have a pressure gauge. If you’re experiencing issues with your central heating, be sure to check this gauge. If it has fallen below 1, this may indicate that your system is experiencing a water leak, you’ve over bled your radiators, or the pressure relief valve is faulty and needs changing. We urge North London residents to call in Boilerman Herts, Gas Safe registered central heating specialists, to assist with this issue. Keep in mind that a regular boiler service will involve checks on pressure, to ensure that this problem is caught and amended early on, before it inconveniences you.

Convinced that a boiler service is worth the small cost? Choose a verified Gas Safe engineer, like Boilerman Herts in Hertford, to carry it out for you.

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