Central Heating in North London | 5 Signs of an Unhealthy Boiler

In our position as locally-trusted, Gas Safe-accredited boiler and central heating experts in North London, we have the training and experience to notice even the smallest sign that suggests an unhealthy boiler. With over 30 years of trade and industry experience, the personnel at Boilerman (Herts) have seen first-hand the effects of an electric or gas boiler breakdown, and the ensuing misery of waiting for a boiler service.


In this blog post we’re going to look at 5 of the most common signs that indicate to North London property owners that it might be time undertake a boiler replacement.


1. Pilot Light Going Out

This issue could be related to a draught, a broken thermocouple or a deposit build-up. Whether it’s a case of buying draught excluders or booking a gas boiler service, it’s always wise to fix the issue as quickly as possible. As Gas Safe-certified heating engineers, we recommend inspecting for gas supply issues before reigniting the pilot light. If simple measures don’t reinstate a steady pilot light, contact us immediately. It is always inadvisable for North London homeowners to carry out work on their own gas boiler.


2. No Hot Water or Heat

The most obvious sign on this list, problems with central heating and hot water naturally indicate that all is not well with your boiler. Faults range from the failure of motorised valves, low water levels, thermostat issues as well as broken airlocks and diaphragms. While we appreciate the allure of DIY to our North London customers, attempted gas boiler repairs by inexperienced hands often result in the need for a far costlier boiler service.


3. Gurgling, Banging or Whistling Noises

The strange noise that your boiler makes often reveals the problem at hand. For example, banging noises usually signify imminent pump failure, while a sound like a boiling kettle indicates kettling. The issues that these noises relate to range from easy fixes to the requirement for a Gas Safe accredited heating engineer. As always, we recommend that our North London clients approach the experts at Boilerman (Herts) first.


4. Leaking or Dripping

The location of the leaking water always helps to determine the issue at hand. First and foremost, however, it is imperative that homeowners in North London do not attempt to fix their own gas boiler. Leave to it a Gas Safe-certified professional to carry out the relevant boiler service. Commonly, leaking or dripping water can be sourced to a broken internal part, usually a pressure valve or pump seal. Drips and leaks also occur around the tank or pipes due to corrosion or poor installation.


5. Thermostat Problems

Common issues relating to thermostats include central heating turning itself on and off, or temperature inaccuracy. In most cases, it’s always wise for our North London customers to carry out some common-sense checks such as ensuring the settings are correct and that the thermostat hasn’t simply been knocked. Of course, there remains the likelihood that the thermostat has just malfunctioned. To avoid being without central heating for too long, contact Boilerman (Herts) for a prompt service.

To discuss our central heating and gas boiler service in North London, call 01992 504 731. We have full Gas Safe Accreditation.

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