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A Service for Meeting Landlord Responsibilities

Under the 1985 Tenancy Act, landlords have a responsibility to maintain heating and hot water systems. Proper maintenance, including an annual boiler service, ensures tenants have comfortable and effective living conditions. This also helps prevent serious issues which can cause expensive damage, saving landlords money in the long run. However, when it comes to boiler repairs and central heating services, it isn’t always easy to know who is responsible for what. With over 35 years of industry experience, our plumbers and Gas Safe engineers offer expert advice, whether you’re a tenant or landlord in Hertford.

Private landlords, councils and housing associations are all responsible for various repairs and property maintenance. This includes keeping gas pipes, boilers, sinks, baths, toilets, pipes and drains in good condition.

The following are some of the key aspects of landlords’ responsibilities in Hertford and all the surrounding areas:


Boiler function, safety and repairs are the responsibility of the Landlord, who must arrange a boiler service every year. They also need to make sure the person carrying out the service is a Gas Safe engineer. Following a service, the engineer should provide a landlord certificate that provides the following information:

  • Which appliance was tested
  • The results of the inspection
  • Any issues or necessary boiler repairs
  • The name and contact details of the engineer

Boilerman Herts Ltd offers annual services to keep boilers in good condition and to maximise efficiency. Our Gas Safe engineers carry out all necessary checks and issue landlord certificates for customers in Hertford. We also carry out any boiler repairs, if necessary.

Furthermore, with qualified plumbers on our team, we carry out maintenance, installation and repairs of pipework and connections for hot water supplies.


Landlords are responsible for ensuring heating systems are working properly and well enough to keep Hertford properties warm during the winter. This includes taking care of any necessary central heating services, such as radiator and boiler repairs, if the damage was not the result of misuse.

In the UK, there are minimum acceptable standards for heating. When the outside temperature is -1°C, systems must be able to maintain at least 18°C in bedrooms and 21°C in living rooms. Landlords who fail to provide adequate heating systems can end up in court for causing major health risks to tenants.

As Gas Safe engineers, the team at Boilerman Herts Ltd undertakes full central heating services in Hertford. This includes installation, powerflushing, repairs and annual boiler services.

Hot Water

Landlords must ensure tenants have hot water and adequate sanitation. As well as keeping the heating system in good condition, this includes making sure the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets have effective plumbing and drainage.

Our team of plumbers and gas engineers ensure heating and plumbing systems work seamlessly together to deliver hot water to every area of your property.

Call Boilerman Herts Ltd for expert advice or to arrange plumbing and heating services, including boiler repairs, in Hertford and the surrounding areas.