Providing Your Annual Gas Boiler Service in Hertford

Nearly time for your annual gas boiler service? If you live in or around the Hertford area, Boilerman Herts can take care of it for you. We’re Gas Safe registered, and pride ourselves on offering a friendly, professional service, at highly competitive prices.


But it may be that you’re not sure why people have their central heating systems maintained. It can be tempting to take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. So on this page we’ve jotted down just a few of the most convincing reasons why it pays for Hertford home and business owners to invest in a yearly boiler service….

Why Invest in an Annual Boiler Service?

Efficiency – You might not even notice that your gas boiler isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should be, but a professional Gas Safe registered engineer will pick up on it. It might be that not enough air is reaching the combustion elements of your boiler, perhaps because of a build-up of contaminants. A layer of just 1mm of soot, for example, can reduce central heating efficiency by as much as 10%. The same amount of limescale can reduce efficiency by 7%. Identifying and amending such issues means Hertford home and company owners who want to keep their energy bills as low as possible definitely get their money’s worth out of a boiler service!


Upkeep – Hertford residents who don’t invest in an annual gas boiler service are far more likely to experience a central heating breakdown, and require emergency repairs from a registered Gas Safe engineer (like Boilerman Herts). These can be significantly more expensive than the cost of a service. But it’s just not the cost of gas boiler and central heating repairs you have to worry about, it’s highly inconvenient to be left without heat and water, even for just a short while! A short and sweet service will help keep your system in good, healthy shape (which will also help extend its lifespan).


Safety – Did you know that every year in Hertford and the wider UK, 4,000 people are admitted to A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning due to a leaking gas boiler? Around 200 of this total number end up staying in hospital, and around 50 die. It’s sad to think that so many of these lives could have been saved by a boiler service identifying an issue before it became an issue. Remember, however, a boiler service isn’t worth anything if it isn’t conducted by a Gas Safe engineer. In fact, an amateur tampering with a central heating system can cause more harm than good.

Convinced that a boiler service is worth the small cost? Choose a verified Gas Safe engineer, like Boilerman Herts in Hertford, to carry it out for you.

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