Professionals Accredited as Gas Safe in Hertford | 5 Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

When it comes to seeking out advice in relation to your boiler or central heating, it’s important to listen to professionals who have Gas Safe accreditation. From a gas boiler service to heat-saving advice, Gas Safe professionals like Boilerman (Herts) have the training and experience that make a true difference to any Hertford area property.


In this blog post we’ll be looking at 5 ways to keep your property warm during the winter months. As the cold sets in and the nights grow longer, homeowners across Hertford look for cost-effective solutions to keep warm and comfortable.


Below, we’ve listed 5 ways our customers can maximise the heat from their boiler and central heating system.


1. Get a Boiler Upgrade

There has been much technological improvement in the electric and gas boiler field over the years. Hertford homeowners with a boiler over 10 years old should consider an upgrade from a Gas Safe-accredited professional. While this does require an initial outlay, A-rated boilers use less energy to produce the same amount of heat as older model boilers. In the long-term, this boiler service saves money on energy bills.


2. Central Heating Timers

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, timing the central heating in your Hertford property to come on earlier than required at a lower temperature is more cost-effective than turning it on at full-blast for a quick fix of heat. As a boiler heats up, it does so at a constant speed, so programming it to come on lower before you wake up has the same effect as turning it on at a high temperature after waking up.


3. Turn the Thermostat Down

This may not seem like the most popular idea to some Hertford residents, but Public Health England state that a minimum recommended temperature for a living room is 18°C. A reduction by 1°C has the potential to trim a heating bill by up to 10%, so pushing the central heating down to toward 18°C can maintain comfort while saving money.


4. Improve Insulation

As much as 25% of the heat generated from an electric or gas boiler is lost through the roof. By laying loft insulation at a thickness of 25cm, Hertford property owners can greatly reduce this number. If needed, wall cavity insulation can also play a vital role in ensuring your central heating doesn’t have to work harder due to inefficient insulation. Some energy suppliers even run promotions for free insulation. So, the next time you have a gas boiler service with Boilerman (Herts), ask us if we know of any current insulation deals.


5. Utilise the Curtains

The sun isn’t around for long on winter days, so it’s important that Hertford homeowners make the most of its heat while they can. Open your curtains early to let the sun in during the day before closing them promptly as the temperature starts to drop at night. When your central heating comes on, the closed curtains act as an extra layer of insulation.

For more information on our central heating and gas boiler service in Hertford, call 01992 504 731. We have full Gas Safe Accreditation.

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