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Important System Checks to Make Before Winter

Every year, households in Hertford, Harlow, the surrounding areas and across the UK have the same debate: when should we fire up the central heating? You would hope it’s not October. November seems most likely. If you get into December before you do it, brilliant! Whenever you do finally make that decision, you’re turning on a system that has laid dormant for many months. Because it’s been so long, you may find an issue or two that could develop into bigger problems.

In addition to a well-timed central heating service, there are several checks you can undertake on your system before winter arrives. This proactive approach increases the chances of a smooth transition into winter, and one without a boiler breakdown.

We have used this blog to list these various system checks. If you have any queries about your central heating in Hertford, or you would like to schedule a service in Harlow, please call us on 01992 504731.

Central Heating Checks to Make Before Winter

Boiler and Central Heating Service

Like your boiler, it’s easy to take your central heating for granted. As with any system, it can fail, especially if not well maintained. More than 78% of all boiler breakdowns occur in the month of August and through the winter. If you’ve ever been without central heating and warm water on a cold day, you’ll know how unpleasant an experience this is.

To ensure your system is in optimal condition before winter arrives, schedule a boiler and central heating service during the summer. This gives you plenty of time to arrange repair work if a problem crops up. What’s more, there’s less demand for our engineers during the warmer months.

Of course, there’s never a bad time to have your boiler and central heating serviced. If you would like us to visit your home, be it in Hertford, Harlow or the neighbouring areas, call us on 01992 504731.

Bleed Radiators and Install Thermostatic Valves

Before firing up your central heating for the first time in months, we recommend bleeding your radiators. This ensures they’re all working to maximum efficiency. In turn, this means your boiler doesn’t need to work harder to heat up your home. If your central heating system has inefficient performance, you’ll see this reflected in your energy bills.

Do you have rooms in your house that you rarely, if ever, use? Perhaps a spare bedroom in Hertford? Or a hybrid space in Harlow along the lines of an extended-wardrobe-and-storage-room? Regardless, money spent heating these rooms to the same temperature as the rest of the house is only wasted.

Installing thermostatic valves is a great place to start managing the temperature of these spaces. Once installed, you can set a lower temperature. This eases the burden on your boiler and saves you cash too.

Feel free to ask us about thermostatic valves while we perform your central heating service.

Take Care of Draughts

Your focus should extend beyond the central heating itself to other aspects of your home. For example, creating an efficient central heating system is somewhat undone if you have one or more draughts.

Draught-proofing is an affordable solution that suits practically all budgets. It saves you money in the long-term and reduces your boiler’s workload. In turn, this also keeps your appliance healthier for longer.

We recommend checking the following parts of your home to see if you can feel a draught:

  • Window Frames
  • Loft Hatches
  • Old Extractor Fans
  • Cracks in Walls

These three points only scratch the surface for preparing your home for winter. For example, you should also consider checking your thermostats and timers for efficient, cost-effective heating as well as visually inspecting your boiler for faults.

Needless to say, for your own safety, you must leave all boiler-related work to our Gas Safe engineers. The perfect place to start is by booking in for your own central heating service. From Hertford to Harlow, we cover all locations in Hertfordshire and North London.

Call 01992 504731 to schedule a central heating service at your home in Hertford, Harlow or any of the neighbouring areas.