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What You Should Do if Your Boiler Breaks Down

Have you noticed a dip in your boiler’s performance lately? Has it recently started making strange noises? While these developments may only result in small boiler repairs, they may also indicate that an appliance breakdown isn’t far away. Whether you’re in Hertford, Harlow or any of the surrounding areas, a boiler breakdown causes understandable panic and concern. How will you keep your home warm? When will your family be able to have a bath or shower again?

As with any emergency situation, it’s important to keep a cool head. One of the best ways to do this is by preparing for such an event ahead of time.

In this blog, we have listed the actions you should take if your boiler suddenly breaks down. By knowing how to respond in advance, you will likely get your household back to normal faster and with less stress.

From boiler repairs in Hertford to annual servicing in Harlow, Boilerman Herts Ltd covers all your boiler and central heating needs in Hertfordshire and London. Call us on 01992 504731 if you notice any change in your boiler’s performance.

Boiler Breakdown | What You Need to Do

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have home cover, you should contact your provider as soon as your boiler breaks down. Letting them know as soon as possible means they can get their own process under way quickly too. They will cover the cost of any boiler repairs, or at least part of it, so the sooner you act, the better.

Each insurance company operates in their own unique way, so we can’t break this point down into more detail. If you want more peace of mind, it’s worth contacting your provider.

Call Boilerman Herts Ltd

Your boiler can break down at any hour of the day – even on the weekend! It’s vital, then, to find a Gas Safe-registered company that provides a 24-hour callout service. In short – that’s Boilerman Herts Ltd. We are on the Gas Safe Register and we respond to emergency callouts around the clock. We offer fast, effective results when you need us most.

Broken boilers are potentially dangerous, so we will ask about your current circumstances for your own safety. This gives us an early impression of the kind of boiler repairs we need to perform.

Assess Your Home

Safe in the knowledge that our team are en route to your home in Hertford, Harlow or the neighbouring areas, you should carry out a quick property assessment. During this inspection, you should focus on whether your home is safe to stay in.

While this does extend to more serious cases such as leaving the premises immediately, it more commonly involves making arrangements to stay with family and friends if your boiler repairs take multiple days to complete.

Keep Warm

If your home is safe to stay in while the repairs take place, you must have the means to keep warm. This is especially true if you have elderly relatives living with you or young children. Depending on the time of year, we recommend wearing warm clothing in multiple layers. You’ll appreciate your slippers and jumpers more than ever!

You should also keep doors closed and use towels to plug any gaps where a draft gets in. This will help to retain what little heat you do have.

Consider an Electric Heater

At Boilerman Herts Ltd, we work tirelessly to restore heat and warm water to homes in Hertford, Harlow and the surrounding areas as quickly as possible. In some cases, though, boiler repairs may run for multiple days. If this happens to you, it may be worth investing in a small electric heater. Of course, this won’t match your central heating for performance, but it could be a lifesaver in an emergency.

What’s more, if you experience another breakdown in the future, it’s ready and waiting to go again. You can also lend it to family and friends in a similar situation.

Call 01992 504731 if you require boiler repairs of any kind in Hertford, Harlow or any other location in Hertfordshire and North London.